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Franklin Graham: ‘I miss my father almost every day’

Billy Graham birthday

Yesterday would have been Billy Graham’s 100th birthday. Friends, family and visitors gathered at the Billy Graham library in Charlotte, North Carolina, to pay their respects.

“I think I’ll miss my father all the days of my life,” Franklin Graham told reporters. Franklin spoke to the media and signed copies of his new book, Through My Father’s Eyes.

Franklin shared a story about a conversation he had with President Donald Trump when his father passed away in February. Franklin says Trump commented Billy “almost made it” to 100. Franklin said his father did make it to 100, if you count the nine months he was in the womb. “We believe life begins at conception,” Franklin explained. Franklin, who endorsed Trump from very early on in his election campaign, said he was with the President the night before, watching the midterm election results come in.

Franklin also told reporters that visitors to the Billy Graham library have more than tripled since Billy Graham’s passing. The late evangelist’s library is also listed as the number one tourist attraction in Charlotte on Trip Advisor. Franklin said the family is committed to keeping the library free. Somewhat jokingly, he mentioned they wouldn’t turn down any donations patrons wished to give.

Turning to memories of his father, Franklin said he remembers him almost every day. In fact, one of the things he remembers about his father is the fact that he often told Franklin he (Billy) missed his own father.

“I think I’ll miss my father all the days of my life,” Franklin said. The director of Samaritan’s Purse said he went to see his father every Sunday for 20 years. Now, he misses asking him questions.

In the video below, Maury Scobee, who served as Billy Graham’s personal assistant for over 40 years, remembers Billy Graham and talks about the late evangelist’s daily routine.