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Executive Leadership of Harvest Bible Chapel to Resign

Julie Roys, the journalist whose article in World Magazine revealed Harvest’s struggles to the general public, wrote in an article on her blog that someone had leaked an email sent to the elder board indicating not all the elders were completely on board with the announcement made during services this weekend. The email was written by Ron Duitsman, who is a member of the executive committee and chairman of the general elder board. Duitsman announced his own resignation, effective immediately, and also indicated he believed the board had been manipulated by MacDonald as well. The following is from Roys’ article:

…In Duitsman’s email, he said he felt that having all the elders resign seemed tantamount to punishing everyone “for the acts of someone who was our spiritual leader and was misleading us in a very unqualifying way.”

He added, “There is much talk of resigning by many, let me be the first to lead in that, effective immediately.” Duitsman’s email also revealed a very divided board, noting that some elders “refuse to come under the authority of the Elder Board” and are “assisting in the bludgeoning of the Bride of Christ.”

Roys also said some of those in attendance were disappointed by the choice in preacher the church made for the weekend. Rick Donald gave the message, which some found troubling to the point of having to leave. Donald has been with Harvest and MacDonald since its beginning and is known to be one of MacDonald’s very close friends.

There are scores of reactions to the controversy from members and former members of the church on social media. While the broader church may find every iteration of this unfolding story tedious, it’s important to keep the members (and former members) of the church in mind as they make sense of the situation.

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