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A Kanye Sunday Service Brought Healing to Dayton After Shooting

Did the Kanye Sunday Service Worship Jesus?

My overall take is that the ‘Sunday Service’ crew genuinely loves Jesus and desires to share and proclaim His name through song. That being said, I have never seen so many people with their phones out raised high taking pictures and videos of a Sunday morning worship service before. So it looked and felt more like a concert (although I haven’t experienced a Crowder concert) than a Sunday morning worship service. Nor have I ever smelled the faint aroma of weed before church started. That was new.

Jesus’s name was proclaimed and it was exalted. I don’t know Kanye’s heart and if he is using Jesus to promote something for himself, but what I witnessed could draw those to the Great Shepherd. All it takes is the name of Jesus to draw one of His sheep to the flock, after all (John 10:14-16).

On social media, I saw mixed reactions from the event. Others were asking the same questions I was as I enjoyed the music:

While I may not enjoy his entertainment career and regardless of what anyone feels his intentions may be, at least he has used his platform to gather people to be inspirational and demonstrate community in light of the tragedies. Only a handful of people with such platforms have chosen to. It’s great to see how our community has rallied. I hope all those that have also show up to vote when it is time.

I am not a fan of his but he is definitely changing my views of him by being here, showing Dayton Love.

It was great man!!…it truly WAS worshipful, and not about him at all

When I started to become skeptical whether this was about God or about a production, I was reminded of when John said to Jesus in Mark 9:38-41 that someone was casting out demons in his name and they tried to stop him. But Jesus responded, “For the one who is not against us is for us.” What I witnessed was a choir professing the name of Jesus Christ, so who am I to say that a Kanye Sunday Service can’t be used to worship my King Jesus and draw those who are lost to Himself? I’ll leave that in God’s hands to judge the hearts of those who were there. Statistics tell me that most of the people that attended probably do not step foot in a church, so looking back on the experience, I am glad that they heard the name of Jesus. It might be the only time some of them experience something like that.

The ‘Sunday Service’ left me with a lingering personal question. When I go to church on any other Sunday, I’m not likely to pull out my phone to take video and snap pictures. I wonder: Does my heart anticipate worshipping Jesus in church like I saw some worship in the presence of Kanye?

You can watch the entire service here.