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Priscilla Shirer Surgery: ‘It was curative—praise the Lord!’

Priscilla Shirer surgery

Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer is recovering from lung surgery. The daughter of Tony Evans and the late Lois Evans, Shirer posted a video to her Instagram account thanking her supporters for their notes of encouragement, prayers, and gifts. She also shared a praise report: The surgery she underwent was “curative” and all she needs to do now is recover. 

Priscilla Shirer: Surgery Was ‘Curative’

“I am recovering well from the surgery,” Shirer said in a video she posted over the weekend.  “And the surgery was curative–praise the Lord…I don’t have anything else to do in that regard other than recover.”

Shirer says her breathing is still pretty labored, and that she is “working on my lung capacity and getting a little breath back here,” but she didn’t appear to be having any issue speaking. 

The popular Bible teacher mentioned a couple times how “grateful” she and her family are for the support they have received during a particularly trying couple of years. Shirer assured followers she had received their gifts and letters. “Every card you’ve sent, every gift you’ve sent, I’ve read them all, gotten them all, and I’m really grateful. Thank you so, so much.” 

“Thanks for continuing to pray for us, for our family as we recover from everything that has gone on,” she mentioned. “Many of you know that we’ve lost quite a few family members recently, the most recent of which was our sweet mom. And then after that I had to have a pretty major surgery, and you’ve asked how I’m doing and I haven’t had a chance really to respond. So I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for praying for us and for being mindful of us.”

Shirer is scheduled to minister at an event in Hawaii in May with her brother, Anthony Evans. In other Instagram posts, Shirer indicates she has been “home-bound and pajama-clad” for last several weeks. Shortly after posting the video thanking her supporters, Shirer shared about going to see Oprah–an event she had hoped to attend with her mother, Lois.

The Evans family has sustained the loss of many family members recently, including Shirer’s grandfather, Arthur Evans. Additionally, Tony Evans’ niece, Wynter Evans Pitts, died suddenly in her sleep in the summer of 2018 at age 38. Pitts was the founder of the ministry For Girls Like You. Only six months before Wynter’s death, Tony Evans lost his brother. Adding to these tragedies, Evans lost his sister, Beverly Johnson, unexpectedly in January 2019.