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Beth Moore: How to Fight That Persistent Enemy, Anxiety

Casting our anxieties on the Lord means we give him the responsibility for them, a responsibility that he wants to have. While this sounds simple enough, Moore emphasized that overcoming anxiety is a battle we fight in the power of the Holy Spirit. She also pointed out that when we are consumed by anxiety, it takes up a lot of space in our minds, and simply trying not to think about our worries will not work. 

When we cast our anxiety away, we need to replace that empty space with something else: expectancy. We should expect that God is faithful, that he loves us, and that he is able to take care of our problems. “Expectancy is the perfect swap for anxiety,” said Moore, because it does not require us to live in denial or minimize situations that are making us anxious. By living in expectancy, we acknowledge that our anxieties are legitimate concerns, but give our cares to God instead of continuing to carry those burdens.

By doing so, said Moore, we recognize that “Sometimes circumstances do not come out the way we hope and sometimes life is really hard and we cannot control it, but my God is faithful and my Deliverer is coming.” 

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