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Christian Comedian John Crist Posts on Instagram for First Time in Over Eight Months

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John Crist posted on Instagram Wednesday morning for the first time in over eight months since being accused of inappropriate sexual misconduct. Last November Charisma News released a story that gave testimonies from five young women with whom Crist had allegedly had manipulative sexual relationships. Crist was accused of using his platform and celebrity status to manipulate young women over the last seven years. After the allegations, he cancelled his tour, went quiet on social media, and Netflix pulled his special that was scheduled to be released Thanksgiving 2019.

In a newly uploaded video, Crist explains that he was in a treatment facility for four months with no phone. He went on to say that he made a lot of poor decisions in his personal life, and ‘owns it’. Crist said he was tempted in the beginning to “hop on the internet and justify, rationalize, minimize, explain, and defend” himself; however, after coming through the healing and recovery process “I can look at you eight months later and say that those choices were on me…I point the fingers at no one else but myself.”

Crist acknowledges that he “had a problem and I needed to get some help.” In the video he says he will continue to put a priority on his own mental health.

The comedian said that the most embarrassing part for him was that he makes a living pointing out hypocrisy in a lot things (for example ‘Every Parent at Disney‘, ‘Millennial Missionaries‘, ‘Church Hunters’, ‘Celebrity Pastor Fantasy Draft‘, ‘Consumer-Focused Churches‘, ‘Post-Sermon Press Conference‘) but that the biggest hypocrite was “Me”, “I was portraying a person on the internet that I was not behaving like privately.”

“If I am part of the problem, then I can also be part of the solution.” Crist explains he has been doing that in his personal life and wants to transition to do that now publicly. “If I didn’t take the time to fix the broken pieces of myself…I wasn’t going to be good for anybody.”

Crist has been incredibly humbled to receive the love and support from people that have been praying for him and rooting for him. He says he can’t wait for the future and will see everyone soon. 


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