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Feucht: God Is Using the Virus to Revive a ‘Tame’ Church

The pastors and other leaders participating in the event took the stage at various times throughout the service, declaring truth over Colorado Springs and praying for different areas of need. One leader prayed the blood of Jesus over the blood shed in the U.S., specifically mentioning George Floyd and the babies who are aborted every year. Others prayed for law enforcement, against racism, and that God would bring revival. One leader prayed that God would “expose and disempower” sex trafficking, while another prayed for elected officials.

Feucht prayed against fear, anxiety and despair, saying, “I break off the lie that this is a region of heaviness, that this is a region of oppression. We say that the joy of the Lord is your strength. We prophesy a joyful move of worship to fill these mountains up and down this highway!” The worship service also included a call for people to commit or to rededicate their lives to Jesus, and there were people who responded. “I see people all over this field giving their lives to Jesus!” said Feucht. People could get baptized in baptismal pools that were set up near the stage, and leaders also invited attendees to come to the front for prayer and prophetic ministry.

Concerns over Let Us Worship 

KRDO estimates that over 1,000 people attended the Let Us Worship event, although The Gazette put the number at more than 2,000. Feucht suggested on Instagram that the crowd was much larger, saying, “The pastors, the musicians and the city SHOWED UP! Maybe 4,000-6,000 IDK and I don’t really care. It was just SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!”

Dr. Steve Holt, senior pastor of The Road Church at Chapel Hill, and various pastors from the area helped to organize the event. Participating churches included Calvary Worship Center, Springs Journey Church, Radiant Church, and Iglesia Venga Tu Reino. 

As has been the pattern for Feucht’s other events, many in the crowd stood close together as they worshipped, especially those who were closer to the stage. Few people wore masks. At one point in the service, one leader asked attendees to join hands even though he acknowledged it “kind of goes against COVID.” People also laid hands on and prayed for one another.

The crowd was excited and enthusiastic, with many dancing as they worshipped. One person held an American flag, while another held the flag of Israel. There was an attendee walking through the crowd holding a sign that said, “Make evangelicals holy again.”

One Colorado Springs resident told The Gazette, “What brought me out personally, was, for one, I just love the community, and the fact that we need a revival. And just the exercising of a right to assemble…because that’s our God-given right.” Others said they came because they heard about the event when it was announced at their church.

It is common knowledge now that Americans are encouraged to practice social distancing and to wear masks in public places, although The Gazette noted that Colorado’s mask order only applies when people are indoors. Saturday’s event, however, did go against a state public health order that limits outdoor gatherings to 175, “although a variance allows church gatherings of up to 250.” Holt told The Gazette that he trusted those gathered as well as God with everyone’s safety, but he did appreciate why people would take issue with attendees not wearing masks. 

Feucht announced that he would be taking Let Us Worship to Washington D.C.’s National Mall on Oct. 25, and he asked for donations for that event, saying he was trying to raise $2,000 for it. “Two weeks before the election, we want to make it all about Jesus,” said the worship leader. “He’s the only hope for America.” 

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