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CA Church Offers COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Religious Exemption’ Letters; Online, Out-of-State Viewers Queue Up

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Megachurch lead pastor Greg Fairrington of Destiny Christian Church in Rocklin, California, released a video last Thursday announcing that the church will hand out “religious exemption” letters pertaining to the COVID-19 vaccination at their worship service over the weekend.

People have been calling the church asking for a religious exemption from the mandate of the vaccine, the pastor said. “The mandate of you take the vaccine or else you lose your job…that’s just not right,” Fairrington said in the video.

“We’re not anti-vax, but we are pro-freedom at Destiny,” he said, and explained that the church has worked with its legal team to develop a religious exemption.

Speaking to those who feel “morally compromised” by taking the vaccine, Fairrington said, “We have a form for you that has been approved by our legal counsel that you can get on Sunday morning [yesterday, August 15, 2021].”

“If you come to Destiny, we’ll be able to give this to you,” Fairrington said, adding that the church wants to help. “We look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Our prayers are with you in this highly stressful moment that we are living in right now.”

Exemption Letter Available for Online Campus Too

Destiny Christian Church is also making the “religious exemption” letter available to those who aren’t local and attend their online campus as well. Fairrington said on his Instagram page to email church@destinyonline.com to receive the exemption. His Instagram post has over 17,000 views and nearly 400 comments.

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One person who left a comment on post said, “My employer is trying to do this! We will be there is Sunday to grab multiple.”

Another similar comment read, “Wish I could get 4 for me, my hubby, kids here in Cali. If you send them via mail will you post? I think testing is also a big issue as well, too many test can cause harm as well. God bless you!”

A healthcare worker wrote, “As a daughter of Christ and a nurse thank you so much. I just want to cry my eyes out. This has been soooo hard.”