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Ed Litton: ‘I Had Permission, Which I Think Means It’s Not Plagiarism’

“Like any pastor, I used his material to help me outline it, and then I resourced his material after I had done the Greek work, after I read my commentaries [trying] to get a sense of how this passage needs to be explained to my people,” Litton said. “There’s a couple places in particular were we share the same outline and there’s a couple places in particular where I used a lot of phrases that [Greear] did…I think the older you get the more set you get in language and you tend to rely on what you’ve used in the past. I’ve always been the guy who wants to always figure out, Am I really connecting with people?”

“We’re moving on. We feel like we’re dealing with it and we’re moving forward.”

SBC’s president explained his reasoning for using Greear’s material the way he did. “I didn’t do this…what I did, what it appears that I did…I don’t think is exactly what I did, but the point is, when I did it, I wasn’t trying to make a name for myself. I was trying to help my people understand Scripture.”

Litton said the book of Romans intimidates him as a preacher, it may not be as intimidating for others “smarter than him.” “I had permission, which I think means it’s not plagiarism. The problem is, I did not tell my people exactly the source that it came from.” Litton gave the example of not citing the commentaries as to why he doesn’t see using Greear’s material as plagiarism.

“I have apologized to my people [and] they have very warmly accepted that,” Litton shared. The pastor revealed how he’s met with Redemption Church’s leadership for purpose of correcting the plagiarism allegations. Litton said he has taken steps in his preaching preparation to fast from things he’s done in the past, “I take this very seriously,” he said.

Litton said the he believes that the Lord has forgiven him, and knows that what has happened will grow him into a better communicator.

Hurtful Language Being Direct Toward Litton

“[The SBC] has some real serious problems that we have to work through,” Litton answered after being asked how people can pray for him. SBC’s president said, “There’s a lot of language being used that’s very painful.” Litton reference being called a “liberal” telling the hosts he has never been called that before. “I’ve been a part of the conservative resurgence” and has never considered himself to be a liberal.