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Two-Time NFL Super Bowl Champion Retires: ‘I’m Going to Be a Pastor’

Stefen Wisniewski

For many people, playing in the NFL and winning two Super Bowl rings might seem like a career pinnacle. But for 10-year player Stefen Wisniewski, who announced his retirement last week, the best is yet to come.

In a video posted to social media, the Kansas City offensive lineman says “it’s time to move on” after a decade of football. As for his next move? “I’m going to be a pastor,” he shares. “The absolute best part of my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ, and I can’t imagine a better full-time job than teaching people the Bible and sharing the love of Christ with others.”

Stefen Wisniewski: Joy in Jesus Surpasses All

In a written statement, also shared online, Stefen Wisniewski expresses gratitude to loved ones, starting with Jesus, “King of the Universe and my life.” He writes, “You were my strength, joy, purpose, anchor, life, peace and passion through it all. I only made it through the tough times because of Your presence and because of the promises in Your Word. And the intense joy from knowing You far surpasses any joy that came from even the best parts of the game of football. And all glory that people try to give to me for what I’ve accomplished truly and rightfully belongs to You. Romans 11:36.”

Wisniewski thanks “all my Christian brothers who I’ve played with” for “the wisdom, the prayers, the deep conversations about life and struggles and faith.” He adds, “That brotherhood was one of the best parts of playing.”

The athlete also thanks his wife, Hilary, “for following Jesus and working so hard for the Seed Company to help translate the Bible for those with no Bible in their language.” Hilary Wisniewski is a financial analyst for the Seed Company, which works to “end Bible poverty” by making translations of Scripture available in every language by 2025.

NFL Player Stays Focused on Faith

As ChurchLeaders has reported, Stefen Wisniewski was an outspoken Christian throughout the ups and downs of his playing career. In interviews and on social media, the guard and center often quoted Bible verses and glorified God.