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Football Legend Tony Dungy Engages With Twitter Users About Biden’s Stance on Abortion

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With the abortion debate heating up again in America, conversations about the topic on social media are often less than civil. But NFL analyst Tony Dungy recently engaged in respectful but firm back and forth about the divisive topic on Twitter.

Dungy, a committed Christian and the first African American head coach to win a Super Bowl, recently shared a New York Post article about President Joe Biden’s “abortion flip-flop.” Dungy writes: “I’m curious as to what new information the President has gotten that has changed his mind on abortion and life? Reading [this] article he seemed to talk about what his faith required him to accept. What has caused him to move away from that faith-based position.”

Biden is now pro-abortion despite his Catholic faith, and, as a result, some church officials have denied him communion.

Tony Dungy Pushes Back Respectfully, Quotes Scripture

Tony Dungy’s tweet received more than 2,500 likes, but his engagement with commenters is what makes the post stand out. For example, someone comments, “What if I told you, there can be more than one faith based position on the matter…” Then Dungy replies: “What faith are you referring to that believes lives don’t matter and killing someone is OK? Now if your faith says that a baby in the womb is not a person I can understand it. But if you think it’s a life I don’t know what Faith says it’s OK to destroy that life???”

Another person asks Dungy, “Isn’t it possible for people to educate themselves and have a change of mind and heart. I have changed my mind on many issues over my lifetime. …Education and research changed that.” Dungy responds: “That’s my question. What information or as you call it ‘education’ did [Biden] suddenly get. I’d love to hear this new information.”

When one commenter gets a bit antagonistic, Dungy remains calm. “Perhaps [Biden] realized women can be trusted to make decisions about their own health,” someone writes. “You should too.” Dungy replies: “I’m fine with everyone determining what they want to do with their body. My question is what about the baby? Is the baby part of the equation or just a guilty bystander?”

Another commenter brings up the Bible, claiming “there is no direct reference to abortions except in Numbers.” But Dungy notes: “I disagree … Please tell me what you think Psalm 139:13-16 and Jeremiah 1:5 mean.”

At Issue: The Sanctity of Human Life

Tony Dungy, a 65-year-old Hall of Famer, bestselling author, and father of seven, is known for clinging to his convictions, and even people who disagree with him often express respect. On Twitter, one person writes: “Tony I’m a big fan of yours but where do we start with this pro-life thing? Unborn babies? Those on death row? Those refusing to wear mask and get vaccinated? The animals we kill everyday? What is pro-life if we pick and [choose] which lives we want to save?”