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Pastor Dwight McKissic Would Like White Evangelicals to Learn From Jon Gruden

“Keep in mind that [Jon Gruden] was 48 years old in 2011,” said Acho, “but more importantly, the dude said he didn’t have a blade of racism in him while being racist, which means he didn’t even realize what he was doing was wrong, so he hasn’t worked to fix it.” The same reasoning would apply, said Acho, were Gruden to offer a similar justification for his slurs against the LGBTQ community or his derogatory comments toward women. 

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Outspoken Christian and fellow NFL veteran Benjamin Watson also questioned Gruden’s defense of himself: “I still don’t know what a racial/racist bone is. What does that even mean?”

McKissic Ties Jon Gruden to John MacArthur

“Gruden is being held accountable for his racist quotes,” says McKissic, but Pastor John MacArthur is not.

To demonstrate his point, McKissic retweeted a thread from user Bradly Mason containing quotes from a sermon MacArthur preached in 1978 and another in 1987. In the former, titled “The Unity of the Body, Part 1,” MacArthur says:

I was reading Oliver Buswell, III’s book. He’s a very leading anthropologist, a fine Christian. His book called Slavery, Segregation and the Scripture, in which he says that the people were teaching the slaves how to read. And then they found out that when they read, they read the Bible. And when they read the Bible they got saved, and then they wanted to come to church. And they had a problem. So they stopped teaching them to read. And that’s what happened. And so, what grew up in the south was a caricature of Christianity. And much of what you see is black southern Christianity has some of the parts, but it’s almost a caricature because it only went so far and then it was cut off.  And what grew out of it was a tradition, basically because they didn’t have what they needed in terms of education to fill out their Christian understanding.

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