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‘Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?’ Lecrae Explains

God said that when He made the earth “it was good,” Lecrae continued. “So things are good…Rocks aren’t bad [and] trees aren’t bad because when God made those things, they are inherently good.”

Explaining the fall of humanity into sin as described in Genesis 3, Lecrae emphasized that the hearts of humans can be bad, “because we have fallen short of God’s glory. So we are the ones who are corrupted.”

Is Halloween Redeemable?

In considering whether a holiday featuring ghouls and scary imagery is redeemable, Lecrae said, “I think we let Satan have stuff that ultimately belongs to us in the first place.”

Lecrae explained what he meant by discussing how skulls and bones have become images associated with evil. “I think we think they [are evil] because that’s what we’ve allowed the culture to say — skulls are evil. [But] I got a skull in my head and God says I’m wonderfully and fearfully made. So that means my skull is as well.”

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Lecrae argued he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with children dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating. “I don’t think there’s anything inherently sinful or wrong with that,” Lecrae said.

Lecrae went on to clarify that if believers spend Halloween celebrating death, evil, or corruption, then they begin wading into “murky waters…for example making murder look like something that it’s not. It’s a terrible thing,” Lecrae said.

Ultimately, Lecrae expressed that choosing whether to celebrate Halloween is a matter of personal conviction.

“If you feel a moral conviction that you shouldn’t do it, then don’t do it,” Lecrae said. “But if you can sincerely walk without conviction and you feel comfortable, hey, there’s some redeemable aspects of it and I’m with you.”

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