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Faith-Healer Todd White has a Serious Heart Condition Resulting From a Virus

The preacher who calls prosperity gospel preacher Kenneth Copeland his “spiritual father” said that “when someone gets healed, all healing comes from God. All sickness comes from hell. 2,000 years ago, all sickness came from the devil.”

White then explained that today some Christians say God uses sickness to build character in one’s life, saying, “2,000 years later, people have come up with all kinds of things. ‘Well no, God does it because He wants to make you a better person. God’s trying to build character.’ Look, God doesn’t have to make you sick to build character in you. That’s so twisted and so stupid.”

White Repented for Not Preaching the Whole Gospel

In 2020, White shared with his church that he had been “rocked to the core” after reading the works of Charles Spurgeon and Ray Comfort and shared that he was repenting of not preaching the whole gospel.

“When you come into the gospel because you’ve come for a better life, then you’ve come in for the wrong gospel,” White preached, which contradicts common prosperity gospel theology.

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A few weeks later, ChurchLeaders reported that White blasted those who made the “American Gospel” documentary, which called him to repentance. In a sermon, Todd said that it was his critics, not him, who needed to “realign their priorities.”

White spent most of his message addressing the criticism he’s received, although he said the sermon was not a “defense of Todd.”

Benny Hinn’s nephew, Costi Hinn, who left the lavish prosperity gospel world and is now the president and founder of “For the Gospel,” called White “one of the most famous ‘next generation’ versions” of his uncle Benny. Hinn has called White’s preaching heretical and warns people to “run from these teachers.”

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