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Faith-Healer Todd White has a Serious Heart Condition Resulting From a Virus

Todd White
Screengrab from YouTube @ToddWhite

Todd White is the founder and president of Lifestyle Christianity (LCU) located in Watauga, Texas and is known by many as a prosperity gospel preacher and street healer. Last week, White shared that he is suffering from a heart condition, which caused the left side of his heart to only pump at 20 percent capacity.

White posted the video to explain his absence during LCU’s Expand 22, a campaign created to raise money for what they call “planting a seed to propel the Gospel in these unprecedented times and see as many sons and daughters commissioned to go and make disciples among the nations.”

LCU’s website says that the ministry exists to witness people walk in their “God-given identity,” and for discipling others in order to reach the lost.

“Unfortunately, for the beginning of this campaign, I had an issue come up with my heart,” White said. “I haven’t been here at the training center. I haven’t been able to preach like I want to. I haven’t been able to speak like I want to.”

White, who was a former drug addict and atheist, shared that his doctor recommended 90 days of medical rest [bed rest]. “I had some kind of virus come in and weaken the left ventricle side of my heart,” White said, going on to explain that he eats healthy, works out, and does cardio exercise. White said that the virus “caused my left side of my heart to get weak, and so the pumping capacity was at 20 percent.”

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At the time of White’s video, he said that his heart is better than it was and is on the mend. “I’m only 60 days out from being fully released to be able to go and preach the gospel and do everything that I’m called to do, and that is going across America, bringing the power and love; it’s making LCU as strong as it can possibly be,” White said.

“We want to bring God’s kingdom right here, right now,” White said as he concluded his video. “We want to see America saved, but we need you guys to help partner. Please help us right now with this Expand 22. We really need help. We need you to sow now…Bless you. We love you. Help us, if we’ve helped you. Love you.”

White: God Using Sickness in People is ‘Twisted and Stupid’

In a video that can be found in multiple places on YouTube, White says that it is “twisted and stupid” to believe that God uses sickness to build character in people.

Caleb Corneloup’s video on the “iThink Biblically” YouTube channel highlights a sermon White preached wherein he says that it is a “demonic doctrine to say that the Lord doesn’t heal.”

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