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YouTube Labels John MacArthur’s Latest Sermon ‘Hate Speech’

John MacArthur
Screengrab via YouTube @Felix Candelario Hernández

Journalist and author Todd Starnes revealed on Wednesday that YouTube has flagged John MacArthur’s sermon from this past Sunday at Grace Community Church regarding biblical sexuality as “Hate Speech.”

MacArthur’s sermon was part of a nationwide commitment on the part of thousands of pastors to preach on biblical sexuality. The event took place on Sunday, January 16 and was meant to bring awareness to a new Canadian law that bans the promotion and practice of conversion therapy.

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On December 28, 2021, MacArthur released a statement titled “A Stand on Biblical Sexual Morality,” which called on pastors to take “a stand for the truth of the saving gospel” by preaching on biblical sexuality.

The event was not only to show support for Canadian pastors but also to put the “U.S. government on notice that they have attacked the Word of God” in regards to biblical sexuality.

MacArthur told Fox News earlier this week, “Ultimately, the dissenters, the ones who will not cave in, are going to be those who are faithful to the Bible. And that’s what’s already leading to laws made against doing what we are commanded to do in Scripture, which is to confront that sin. And that’s just going to escalate.”

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Explaining that Canada’s new law could result in a five-year prison sentence for a pastor who counsels or preaches on biblical sexuality, MacArthur continued, “The fact that they identified it as criminal conduct that could give you as much as five years in prison takes it to a completely different level, because Canadian pastors have been put in jail for just having church services.”

“It’s coming fast,” MacArthur said. “I think it’s reached a level there in Canada that it hasn’t yet reached [in the United States], but it’s coming.” Similar legislation is being introduced in multiple states throughout the country.

The 82 year-old pastor didn’t know it at the time, but the cessationist’s prophetic warning became truth just hours after preaching on biblical sexuality.

Starnes posted a clip of MacArthur’s sermon on his website, in which the pastor explains God’s creation of male and female, saying, “There is no such thing as transgender. You are either XX or XY, that’s it. God made man male and female.”

“That is determined genetically, that is physiology, that is science, that is reality,” MacArthur continued. “This notion that you are something other than your biology is a cultural construct intended as an assault on God. The only way you can address it, honestly, is to say, ‘God made you and God made you exactly the way He wanted you to be.’”