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Korn Guitarist Clarifies That He’s Still a Christian, Says Media Used His Words for Click-Bait

Welch shared that when he first became a Christian, he was coming off of methamphetamines and had a “massively powerful” encounter with God. In the encounter, God revealed Himself to the drug-addicted rocker. Welch said that he didn’t know how to react to the experience, which made him, what he called, “overzealous” with his faith.

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“I was obnoxious with my faith and it took me a while to bring it down,” Welch said, going on to explain that this is all he was trying to say in the interview. “I still share my faith, my personal stories of things that I go through. In a non-religious way, I feel like I try to be very spiritual.”

After the interview sparked rumors regarding Welch’s faith, his manager suggested that he give clarity to what some perceived as him walking away from Christianity.

Korn’s guitarist took his manager’s advice and posted a long note on his Instagram page explaining what he said in the interview.

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In the video, Welch concluded by saying that those type of rumors don’t bother him at all anymore.

“People can twist your words however they want. I have an amazing relationship with God and I know where that stands,” Welch said. “I’m very confident in that, so I don’t got to really worry about [what others are saying].” Welch called the situation a “temporary controversy.”