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Jerry Falwell Jr. Addresses ‘False Media Reports’ About Him Following Vanity Fair Profile

“When I say that Jerry Falwell Jr. is no hypocrite, I mean it in only one sense. Obviously, Falwell was hypocritical in, among other things, allegedly engaging in behavior that, for even the smallest of the offenses, would have led to fines or expulsions for his students,” Moore wrote.

Nevertheless, Moore went on to say, “In many ways, Jerry Falwell Jr. did not hide from us who he was. He told us, over and over again.” 

Moore cited Falwell’s dismissive attitude toward scandals surrounding moral infelicities, whether his own or those of former president Donald Trump, whom Falwell supported unapologetically from early on in his candidacy. 

“Is it possible that Jerry Falwell Jr. could never see himself as anything but someone who had to succeed, who was trapped into leading a family business bound up in a religion he didn’t really embrace? I don’t know,” Moore mused. “I do know that when a man tells us he was in such a desperate, self-destructive place for so long, we owe it to him—and to ourselves—to ask, ‘Were we so deceived that we couldn’t help him? Or did we turn our attention away as long as he was succeeding?’”

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Given how much attention Vanity Fair’s profile of Falwell has garnered in evangelical spaces, Falwell himself has now publicly entered the conversation about the piece. According to Falwell, his words in the Vanity Fair article have been taken out of context to imply that he isn’t a Christian at all. On this point, Falwell felt it necessary to provide clarification.

Falwell posted a statement to Instagram on Thursday, which read, “Recently there have been false media reports published that have led some to conclude that I am not a Christian.”

“The Vanity Fair article made it absolutely clear that, while I didn’t wear my religion on my sleeve to be seen by others, I have nonetheless had a strong faith in Christ and his teachings since college,” the statement continued. “Other media outlets have twisted Vanity Fair’s words.”

Falwell then went on to outline that he still affirms the central tenets of the Christian faith.

“While I am far from perfect, let me be clear: I believe Jesus was born of a virgin. I believe in the Deity of Christ as the only Son of God. I believe that, even though He lived a sinless life, He suffered a brutal death on the cross vicariously to atone for all of our sins,” Falwell wrote. “After three days, I believe Jesus rose again and will return someday. I believe that whoever believes in Christ will have eternal life.”

“Finally, I love [Thomas Road Baptist Church] and its people with all my heart along with its theme under my Dad’s and brother’s leadership ‘to love God and love people,’” the statement concluded. Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia is the church founded by Jerry Falwell Sr. and where Falwell Jr.’s brother, Jonathan, now serves as pastor.