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Pastor-Prophet Johnny Enlow Compares Super Bowl to ‘Fraudulent’ 2020 Election

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Donald Trump speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Johnny Enlow, a Tennessee pastor and self-described prophet who believes Donald Trump is still the legitimate president, drew comparisons between last Sunday’s NFL championship game and the 2020 presidential election. After the Super Bowl, Enlow, leader of Restore 7 ministry, shared with Facebook followers what he calls “interesting” numbers and names.

Johnny Enlow Points to Big-Game Stats, Uncalled Penalty

The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 in Super Bowl 56. On Tuesday, Johnny Enlow posted this “tidbit,” referencing a controversial non-call at the beginning of the third quarter:

The Cincinnati Bengals ended the game with either 305 or 306 total yards… 75 of those yards came on a throw from Joe [Burrow] that should have never counted. His receiver illegally grabbed the face mask of his defender that should have been a penalty against his team and no touchdown. It is called a “face-mask” penalty. Without those 75 yards the Bengals yardage total would have been 230 or 231. In an entirely different setting a different Joe [Biden] who had a total of 306 electoral votes was part of an illegal “face-masking” that went unchallenged by the “referees” and allowed for a fraudulent score. What a coincidence? And the game ended with a player named [Aaron] Donald sacking a player named Joe [Burrow] so that the fraudulent score didn’t matter.

In the comments, some people mock those connections while others take the symbology even further. “I’m not a sports fan,” one person writes, “but several articles I read reported that Donald’s sack was the 7th one of the game. Seven is the number of completion, perfection, GOD!!” Others write about rams being a sacrificial animal in the Bible. One shares that the Super Bowl halftime show was “about the mark of the beast.”

In another post, Enlow praises the Christian witness of Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp, who, in a post-game interview, described a vision God had given him about the big game and his role in it.

Last month, Enlow made connections between Scripture and the College Football National Championship, saying the game was “orchestrated by heaven.” And last fall, Enlow blogged about World Series symbology, noting that Houston is home to the Bushes (“now known to be ‘deep state’ evil”) and NASA (“mainly the fake and distracting operation also connected to the evil elite”).

Pastor: God Gives ‘More Favor’ to Trump Loyalists

In early 2021, Enlow and a group of other religious leaders declared that Trump would be reinstated to the presidency. Describing a vision he had of Trump on a throne with a golden scepter and crown, Enlow concluded that “heaven does not recognize” Joe Biden’s presidency.