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Top Sellers of ‘Young Living Essential Oils Leaving, Claiming The Company Promotes ‘Demonic’ Propaganda

Screengrab via Instagram @melissa.truitt

Melissa Truitt, who according to her Instagram profile is a mom of five, adoption and foster care advocate, health and fitness lover, running addict, and saved by grace, used that Instagram account to sell Young Living Essential Oils for seven years. However, Truitt said five months ago that God told her to leave.

In those seven years, Truitt climbed to the leadership level just below what is designated “top diamond ranking” within the company. Her success provided a large part of her family’s income.

Along with her achievements, Truitt said she was privileged to see what goes on behind the scenes at Young Living. “You get to see a little bit behind the curtain—the way things are run,” the mother of five said.

After believing in the company for so many years, Truitt said she began to get an uneasy feeling that something was off after seeing more of how she says the company operates. She said she quickly began to realize it was not what she had originally signed up for.

“After a lot of prayer, we walked away and resigned our account with Young Living [five months ago],” Truitt said in a video she posted on Instagram (44,000 followers). We weren’t scared even a little bit, because we knew God was calling us to slam that door shut.”

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Truitt said she wasn’t exactly sure why God was leading her to step away until she received a book a week ago titled “My Word Made Flesh: Awakening Your Health and Wealth Through the Words You Speak…In 7 Revealing Steps.” The book is written by Robert Tennyson Stevens with Marcella Vonn Harting (a top seller at Young Living), and the foreword was written by Young Living’s co-founder and CEO Mary Young and was addressed to the company’s diamond leaders.

Young is the widow of D. Gary Young (1949-2018), who founded Young Living in 1993. Gary was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and relied on God as his foundation to build the successful essential oil company.

Mary wrote in an issue of “The Essential Edge: News of the World Leader in Essential Oils” after her husband’s death that Young “founded the essential oil movement against tremendous opposition and slander, but he never stopped in his desire to serve God’s children.”

Truitt shared that the book she was sent, which is endorsed by Young Living’s CEO, “is one of the darkest and most demonic books” she has ever read. “I cannot wait to get rid of it but I knew that I had to share this.”

Young Living is essentially telling people to have séances with oils and is giving them “words to speak to reverse the curse,” Truitt states in the video.

“One of the quotes that you are supposed to say when you put these oils on you [is], ‘I am the resurrection and the life of my lineage,’” the once-influential Young Living seller shared. “There is nothing more false than taking Jesus out of it and putting yourself in there, putting yourself as Jesus.”

Speaking directly to those who believe in Jesus, Truitt pleads for Christians to understand how dark she says the book is and that it was sent to her by someone in Young Living, as well as endorsed by the company’s CEO.

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Truitt believes the book is given to leaders to share with their teams. “This kind of stuff is a slow trickle. You let this into your house and it will completely ruin you,” she said.

Another quote from the book reads, “Jesus taught the use of oils to the disciples, not the masses.”