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SBC President Ed Litton Thanks Fellow Southern Baptists; Blocks SBC Pastor Tom Buck

Unity Baptist Church in Millington, Tennessee posted a statement calling for Litton to resign just a few days prior to the acting president’s announcement. It does not appear that Litton’s announcement happened in connection with or in response to that statement.

On July 20, 2021, a little over a month after Litton was elected SBC president, the Conservative Baptist Network of Southern Baptists (CBN), which includes Stone, called for Litton’s resignation for allegedly plagiarizing sermons.

CBN’s statement read, “For the sake of the gospel it is best for President Litton to step down from office and focus on his personal spiritual development with his local church. The testimony of Southern Baptists and of the Gospel is at stake.”

Litton addressed the plagiarism controversy during “The Potluck Podcast” in August, nearly two months after the first set of videos comparing Litton’s sermon’s to Greear’s caused many in the SBC to question Litton’s integrity.

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“I had permission, which I think means it’s not plagiarism,” Litton explained. “The problem is, I did not tell my people exactly the source that it came from.” Litton shared that he apologized to his congregation, saying, “I have apologized to my people [and] they have very warmly accepted that.”

Litton Shares ‘A Brief Note of Gratitude’

Shortly after Litton made his announcement, he posted what he called “a brief note of gratitude” on Twitter.

“I am overwhelmed by the incredible encouragement and support I’ve received today from fellow Southern Baptists,” Litton wrote. “After I was elected, former SBC President Jimmy Draper—who was my pastor during seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS)—told me more people were praying for me during my time in this role that I could possibly imagine.”

Sharing how grateful he is for being part of the SBC, Litton said, “I have felt those prayers in a special way today. I will always be grateful to be a part of this amazing family of churches. I join all of you in praying for the future of our convention and in asking God to raise up the next man to lead us.”

“Thank you for the honor of serving as your president,” Litton concluded. “I look forward to seeing many of you at our upcoming meeting in Anaheim.”

Litton Blocks Tom Buck While Others Thank Him

After he made his announcement, Litton received many words of gratitude from SBC pastors and leaders for his service as the SBC’s president. Along with Litton’s supporters and friends, his critics also responded, which led to one of them getting blocked for his comments.

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One of Litton’s most outspoken critics, senior pastor at the First Baptist Church of Lindale, Texas’ Tom Buck, wrote, “I’m thankful Ed Litton will not be running for office again. As I listened to Litton’s video, I immediately thought that stepping down now and letting the 1st VP, Lee Brand, assume the role of President would be a great first gesture toward his own stated goal, would it not?”