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Nanci Alcorn, Beloved Wife of Best-Selling Author Randy Alcorn, Has Passed Away

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Nanci Alcorn, wife of best-selling author and former pastor Randy Alcorn, has passed away. Alcorn shared the tragic news on his social accounts Monday, March 28. 

“Nanci is with Jesus,” said Alcorn. “So happy for her. Sad for us. But the happiness for her triumphs over the sadness. Grieving is ahead, and it will be hard, but these last years and  especially this last month have given us a headstart on the grieving process. I am so proud of my wife for her dependence on Jesus and her absolute trust in the sovereign plan and love of God.” 

Randy Alcorn: Many Prayers Were Answered

Randy Alcorn is founder and director of the non-profit, Eternal Perspective Ministries. On March 21, he requested prayer for his family, saying that Nanci, who was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2018, had realized she did not have much time left to live. The Alcorns’ daughters, Karina and Angela, would be gathering at Nanci’s bedside with their families. “If Nanci is right that not much time remains,” said Alcorn, “then this will likely be the final gathering IN THIS WORLD of our tribe of 11.”

Alcorn shared that before Nanci passed, she wanted to “speak into the lives of our kids and especially our grandkids,” and he asked his followers to pray “for this unique and I suspect unforgettable family gathering.” Those prayers were answered. Alcorn later shared, “I seriously can’t imagine any family having a more Christ-centered sendoff and short-term goodbye of a loved one [than] we had. It was truly all I could’ve hoped for and prayed for.”

Alcorn’s post about his wife’s passing conveys grief, as well as hope that one day, Christ will put an end to all suffering. It continues:

Nanci is and always will be an inspiration to me. I am with family and friends now, thanking God for His grace and the promises of Jesus that we will live with Him forever in a world without the curse, and He will wipe away all the tears and all the reasons for the tears. All God’s children really will live happily ever after. This is not a fairytale, it is the blood-bought promise of Jesus.

What a great and kind God He is. As of a few hours ago, Nanci now lives where she sees this firsthand, in the place where Joy truly is the air she breathes: “In your presence is fullness of joy, at your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Psalm 16:11).