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EXCLUSIVE: American Bible Society Gives Inside Look at Plight of Ukrainian Refugees

Even neighboring countries like Poland, where more than 2 million refugees have fled, are without Christian resources in Ukrainian. And the most pressing need is for Scripture for the thousands of children traveling across the border who are already showing the signs of trauma.

Viktoriia, a Ukrainian refugee who fled her hometown just a few short weeks before she began to volunteer with First Baptist Church in Krakow, Poland, to serve other displaced people said, “This one box of Bibles is all we have left. I want more! I want more!”

In Ukraine and across the region, people are desperate for the Word of God, and Bible Societies across the globe are doing all we can to get more Bibles printed and into the hands of Ukrainians in crisis.

ChurchLeaders: Can you share a story or two about the ministry work that is taking place in the midst of the war?

Almanzar: We’re hearing daily reports of atrocities like children dying in their mother’s arms, ministry leaders being targeted by soldiers, and people disappearing—feared dead or captured—on runs for supplies. Yet under these horrific circumstances, we’re seeing a real hunger for God’s Word.

A staff member at Ukrainian Bible Society, whose name I’m withholding for safety reasons, shared with us how the team recently brought Bibles to hand out at a daily food distribution. They weren’t prepared for the fervor shown by the people, who were desperate for the Scriptures. He shared,

Everyone was rushing, everyone wanted the Bible! It was a real hunger! … These are truly God’s miracles; we see them every day, and I know it will lead to people’s spiritual awakening. People already ask whether there is a way to ‘register’ to attend the church service, and I told no registration is needed for this! Many people were living in this neighborhood before but never noticed our church. Now, as they are being affected and receive help from us—not one-off but regularly, daily— they want to learn more and feel the hunger for God. So, praise the Lord for the miracle we are witnessing today! 

Another story I’ll share comes to us from Ukrainian Bible Society church partners who visited a Ukrainian military hospital with military-specific camouflage Bibles. They shared multiple accounts of young soldiers coming to faith through the horrors of war. A 25-year-old soldier said, “After I experienced all horrors of the war, God opened Himself to me, led me to believe in His existence. I am so thankful to Him that I am here, alive, and for the Bible I received. I hope I am standing at the beginning of my spiritual path.”

In this darkness, God is still at work through his church, bringing hurting Ukrainians life and hope in him.

ChurchLeaders: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about the war in Ukraine?

Almanzar: Although we were initially concerned about the impact of this conflict on the faith of the Ukrainian people, we instead see that it’s as strong as it’s ever been! We hear many reports from believers who are holding firm to their faith in God and recognizing every blessing of protection and provision that he extends to them. They do not see God as having left them, but on the contrary, they thank him for journeying with them and, ultimately, for saving them.

In that same spirit, I’ll leave you with this declaration from Viktoriia, whom I also quoted earlier. She, bold in her faith, said, “Even when we are without our homes, we are not without our God.