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‘Satan Is After the Children’—Christian Influencer Says ‘Yoga Barbie’ Can Lead to Demonic Possession

When Suri committed her life to Jesus, she felt a freedom and aliveness she never had before. Her nightmares stopped, and she burned all of her possessions that had occult associations. She said, “Instead of teaching people about the New Age, the Lord had me telling people how dangerous the New Age is.”

Reactions to Suri’s ‘Yoga Barbie’ Post

As of this writing, Yasmeen Suri’s post has 70,000 reactions, 46,000 comments and 45,000 shares. Some people responded by thanking Suri for her warning. “I agree 100% i think that it all needs to be exposed !!!!” said user Viola Harrison Seagraves.

“Breathe with me really????” asked Amy Balboa. “BUT God forbid they make a Pray with me Barbie though right???? Lord protect your children from any unwarranted attacks through the ‘innocent ‘ toys the children & most parents dont realize what is really happening, open the eyes of their hearts!!!”

Many others have responded with sarcasm. “My daughter has recently been doing yoga, it’s been really good for her,” said user Trudie Macfarlane. “Enjoying the red tint in her eyes too, brings a nice ambience to the room.”

“I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years now and have yet to get possessed by demons,” said user Courtenay Olivarez. “Now that I know this is a thing, I feel like I’m definitely not getting the full experience and my money’s worth. Do I complain to my yoga instructor or to Satan himself? I demand compensation or a possession at once!”

Suri’s Facebook page contains a number of posts warning her followers against other concerns, such as acupuncture, skulls (as a symbol), Freemasonry, the movie “Frozen,” and “Harry Potter.”

ChurchLeaders reached out to Yasmeen Suri regarding whether or not she believes practicing yoga can lead to demonic possession and for further context about her comment on seeing children possessed by demons. Suri replied with the following statement:

My recent post on social media about the “Yoga Barbie” has brought a great deal of attention from Christians and non-Christians alike around the country. As a social media influencer, I would like to state that I do not consider “Barbie” as evil or demon possessed. In fact, I used to have Barbie dolls as a child growing up in America. I love Barbie. However, I do have a problem with the teachings of eastern mysticism rooted in the practice of Yoga. Unfortunately, this  “Breathe With Me Barbie” doll is being used as a catalyst to promote Yoga teachings, which are against the Christian faith. There are some professing Christians that have no issues with the teachings behind Yoga and there are some that do. I am one that does. Yes, I do believe when we open ourselves up to occult-based practices, there are dangers of demonic activity. I, along with many other leaders in the Christian Faith have seen it and dealt with it. There are many Hollywood movies and even testimonies in the churches that show people getting possessed and needing exorcism. Christians believe in demons, and we believe demons look for “human” bodies to inhabit, not “Barbie’s” body. But many Christians, like myself, will not bring anything into our homes or lives that represent an idolatrous belief system, which is against the God of the Bible.