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Pastor Confesses Adultery During Sunday Worship Service; Survivor Unexpectedly Takes the Stage Describing It As Sexual Abuse

John B. Lowe
Screengrab via Facebook @Maisey Cook

This past Sunday, pastor John B. Lowe II of New Life Christian Church and World Outreach in Warsaw, Indiana, confessed to his congregation that he was in an adulterous relationship 20 years ago. The pastor’s victim, Bobi Gephart, took the stage to give clarity to Lowe’s confession, claiming that it wasn’t an adulterous relationship, but rather sexual abuse. She was 16 years old when it started.

A viral video captured by someone who appears to be a family member shows what New Life Christian Church and World Outreachs video feed didn’t after Lowe gave an invitation and prayed the “sinner’s prayer.”

The church’s website states that Lowe has been in full-time ministry for over 37 years and has mentored pastors, conducted faith conferences, and marriage and family conferences. His wife, Debbie, co-pastors the church and is an author.

“Marriage and family ministry are of high value to Pastor and his wife Debbie,” the church’s website says. “They desire to impart the truth that God is good His word is true, and it works in our lives.”

During Lowe’s confession, he told the congregation that he wouldn’t use the Bible to “defend, protect, or deflect” his past sin of adultery, adding that he had “no defense.”

“I sinned—I need to say that you deserve to hear it,” Lowe said.

Lowe addressed why he kept his sin silent for so many years, explaining that he thought he was protecting the person he had the relationship with from embarrassment. However, he admitted that he was merely protecting himself.

Over his years of ministry, the pastor administered church discipline on people who had sexual failures, in order to bring them to repentance, confession, and restoration. However, Lowe shared, “I myself have not been disciplined for sexual misconduct.”

“20 years ago, I repented,” Lowe told those who gathered for morning worship. “I asked God to forgive me for the deep wound that I have caused. I’ll make no excuse for my sin. The betrayal of dear friendship, trust, and love is beyond my ability to express.”

After stating that he knows his family has graciously forgiven him, Lowe shared that he was stepping aside from his ministry responsibilities and is submitting to the process and recommendations of the church’s board.

As Lowe stepped away from the center of the stage, Lowe’s victim, accompanied by her husband, unexpectedly made her way to the stage with a microphone in hand.

“If you love us, you’ll let us talk,” the husband told the startled congregation.