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Greg Locke Removes Church’s Tax Exempt Status; Calls Steven Furtick, Kenneth Copeland, T.D. Jakes, Perry Stone False Prophets

Greg Locke
Screengrab via YouTube @Pastor Greg Locke

On May 22, Greg Locke announced that he is voluntarily removing Global Vision Church’s tax exempt status. This came after some of Locke’s critics contacted the IRS, demanding an investigation into political comments the pastor made and claiming the church should lose its 501c3 status.

Locke shared that the church receives multiple hate calls and threats a day, saying, “You ought to see the pictures we have to send to the security team for the people that are going to be here to kill me in front of everybody.”

The pastor  told ChurchLeaders that he received a call this week from an event organizer who was canceling a speaking engagement of his in Kentucky due to protests and death threats.

Addressing his previous political comments, Locke called out news outlets for falsely reporting on his “insurrection” remark, saying, “You know, all of them are saying that I called last week to take up arms against the government. If they heard that, it’s because they’re smoking crack, or apparently they didn’t pay attention.”

An IRS investigation won’t shut down the church or Locke’s message, he said, standing behind his previous statement that “you can’t be a Christian and vote Democrat.” It was this statement that resulted in calls for an IRS investigation.

Global Vision Church Files to Remove Tax Exempt Status

In his May 22 sermon, Locke said that he hopes those who desired to see the church’s tax exempt status revoked are listening closely, explaining how a church’s tax exempt status works.

“Did you know that churches are tax exempt automatically?” Locke said after expressing that he didn’t break the law by making political comments in a church service. “We don’t pay sales tax as a church and property taxes as a church, because churches in America make up 90% of giving to charitable organizations, single moms, and to the homeless and [feeding] people. The church does more than the government does when it comes to that. We get people a hand-up; the government gives people a handout.”

Locke continued: “If you give to a church just so you can write it off for Uncle Sam, you’re giving it for the wrong reason.” Locke then shared that he contacted an attorney and “I dissolved our stinking 501c3 in this church, because the government ain’t gonna tell me what I can and what I can’t say. So IRS, we don’t need your stupid tax exempt status. You can put it in a bag and burn it in your front yard for all we care. I renounce 501c3 communism in this church! So we’ll say what we want to skippy lou. The IRS, the FBI, and everybody we’ve been turned in to can eat my dirty socks on live TV. I’m sick of it!”

“I revoke our 501c3 status and, IRS, we don’t give two flips what you think about it. We’re squeaky clean, give 90% of our money away, and we aren’t afraid of you. Because this is America, and we got a constitutional right to say what needs to be said,” Locke said.

Locke told ChurchLeaders that Global Vision Church’s attorney has filed all the necessary paperwork with the IRS, and the church is waiting to hear back regarding when their request to terminate their 501c3 status will be finalized.

They can “threaten to kill me,” but “I ain’t stopping and I ain’t quitting,” Locke shouted to his congregation. “Your compromising, communism 501c3 can get out. The state and the government ain’t telling this church how we can operate. You call that what that is. When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes biblical.”

Locke Preaches on False Prophets

Locke then turned his focus to pastors whom he called “limp-wristed false prophets,” that is, pastors who side with Democrats. “No wonder these panty wearing pastors closed their church down during COVID. Bunch of sissies—they ain’t got a backbone.”