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Debate About Sexual Abuse Report Erupts Among SBC Leaders Following Guidepost Solutions’ Pride Month Tweet

Lindsay is an anti-CRT activist who has worked closely with some SBC leaders to root out any affirmation of Critical Theory in the denomination. He denies the existence of God and has written extensively about how the very idea of God is a “troublesome notion.” 

“Let’s draw our lines consistently according to truth rather than according to the partiality of secular partisanship,” Barber continued. “But it needs to be according to truth. As Southern Baptists, we are eternally committed to absolute, unwavering truth.”

In a video posted later in the thread, Barber expressed that he was “unequivocally disappointed” by the Guidepost Solutions tweet about Pride Month. 

Nevertheless, affirming the SBC’s commitment to absolute truth not only in issues of sexual ethics but in all things, Barber said, “Either Johnny Hunt pulled down a woman’s pants in a condo by the beach, or he did not. Either Augie Boto told people that he could not keep a database of sex offenders while he was keeping a database of sex offenders, or he did not. Either he said Christa Brown was a tool of Satan, or he did not. Either the Executive Committee agreed when people called in to seek help about sex abuse situations to say, ‘You know, it’s better if we just don’t return that call;’ either they said that or they didn’t.”

Barber’s remarks were in reference to the disturbing details of sexual abuse and cover up revealed in the Guidepost Solutions report. 

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“All these things—because we believe in absolute truth—they either are or are not true,” Barber went on to say. “And just like a person cannot declare themselves to be male or female, we cannot just declare these things not to have happened because of the political persuasions of the firm that found these things.”

The Southern Baptist Convention is set for its annual meeting in Anaheim, California, June 14-15.