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Lauren Boebert Under Fire for Saying ‘I’m Tired of This Separation of Church and State Junk’

After explaining the reason for Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, Tarr said,

Thomas Jefferson’s point was that the Church would always be protected from the State in the United States of America. There is no legitimate interpretation in the correspondence of the Danbury letter that Christians are not allowed to participate or influence government like any other citizen. The wall of separation was to protect the Church from the State (very important to our Founders), and not the State from the influence of the Church.

Barr elaborated on his church’s response to government lockdown measures, defended the church’s right to resist them, and criticized Congressman Adam Kinzinger for calling Boebert’s remarks as representative of the “Christian Taliban.” “These irresponsible comments have opened the door to many emails and phone calls that are vile and filled with hatred,” said Tarr. “What he said was reckless and dangerous.”

The pastor concluded, “The Constitution grants us the free exercise of religion. We can exercise our faith as passionately as any other world view exercises its belief system. Good Christian men fought for this country, and I maintain our right to be fully involved in the establishment of our values and our fight for the bright potential of America’s future.”

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