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Bethel Church Selling ‘Declarations Clicker’ To Tally Daily Prayers

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Bethel Church's Leaders Conference in 2019 (photo by Bree Anne via Unsplash)

Neo-charismatic megachurch Bethel Church, located in Redding, California, is selling a product on their website that some may recognize from the local Little League field. The “Declarations Clicker,” which resembles a baseball pitch counter, is meant to help Christians keep track of their daily prayer declarations, with Bethel encouraging users to make at least 100 declarations a day. 

The product is being sold in partnership with Igniting Hope Ministries, a Christian motivational speaking group led by Steve Backlund. 

Igniting Hope Ministries, Bethel, and Declarative Prayer

Described on his website as “a prolific encourager, catalytic author, joy activator, and revivalist teacher,” Backlund is the author of “Declarations: Unlocking Your Future,” a book about declarative prayers, wherein a person decrees or declares something true, or something they want to be true, over their life. 

“You may be wondering, ‘What are declarations and why are people making them?’ or maybe, ‘Aren’t declarations simply a repackaged ‘name it and claim’ heresy?’ Declarations answers these questions by sharing 30 biblical reasons for declaring truth over every area of life,” the book’s description reads. “Steve Backlund and his team also answer common objections and concerns to the teaching about declarations. The revelation this book carries will help you to set the direction your life will go.”

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Bethel’s online store describes the Declarations Clicker as “a powerful and practical tool to help believers renew their minds with truth by helping them tabulate the number of times they speak biblically based declarations.”

Quoting Bethel Church senior pastor Bill Johnson as having said, “physical obedience brings spiritual release,” the product description goes on to say that many people “have found that the physical act of clicking a tally counter while speaking declarations dramatically increases faith in the truth being spoken.”

“As you augment what you speak with the declarations clicker, you will transform what you believe, which will ultimately change what you experience in life (Romans 12:2),” the description reads. “Start renewing your mind with your words of hope today and watch your life be transformed!”

In a section describing how to use the Declarations Clicker, the listing says, “Give yourself a click on your declarations clicker for every declaration of truth you speak. Set a personal goal for how many you want to say a day.”

Further encouraging users to purchase Backlund’s book about declarative prayer, the listing suggests that a person commit to speaking at least 100 declarations over their life every day for 30 days. 

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“Many have done this and have sent Igniting Hope Ministries incredible testimonies,” the description says.