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Should Church Security Teams Carry Weapons? Ed Stetzer Asks and the Responses Might Surprise You

“Yes, security team. Yes, they carry. Why? Cause they’re security. (90% of time it’s concealed.) And my guess is approximately 25-50 other members are carrying too on any given Sunday. I live in GA. This is a fairly normal thing.”

“Yes. Because we live in a fallen world and as leaders are called upon to protect the flock and our families. However, my family and I are helping with a church plant soon to be meeting in a school gym. Doubt weapons will be allowed there.”

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“I pastor a small church. We have a couple of members that are not officially a security team but that have a CCL and carry. I am aware of who Carries. I also carry.”

“We don’t have any security team or guns although there are a couple of ladies on the coffee team with barely concealed withering stares which could stop an elephant at 20 paces. But then we are in the UK, and Anglican, so try to avoid too much excitement at church.”

“Yes. They are not wearing any form of identification. They do carry. They carry because if there is ever a time that they are needed, that they can act. The hope is by being open about it that it will also detour. All soft targets schools, churches, etc, should have security.”

“I was on staff at an SBC church for a while where we had a security team that locked doors at the start of service and would let latecomers in. Some people packed, but we determined we couldn’t/shouldn’t have an explicit policy or plan in place for insurance reasons.

“When I used to go to church, no one carried weapons. Hardly any one here in the UK or Europe carry weapons at all.”

“Officially, no. Unofficially, for sure. On top of that, we pay 2 off duty police officers to be onsite every week.”

“Nope and nope. Because we’re in Massachusetts, with decent gun laws.”

“I would be looking for another church if my church didn’t allow its security team the proper tools to do their job. It’s Florida though, so many in the congregation are carrying as well. Someone trying to do bad things with a gun wouldn’t last 20 seconds. #Goodpeoplewithguns”

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