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Should Church Security Teams Carry Weapons? Ed Stetzer Asks and the Responses Might Surprise You

“We do have a protective service team that does carry weapons and work with local authorities to insure protection. Our purpose is to provide an environment that is safe and proactive in event of threats to our congregation.”

“We have men and women who license carry so it’s with them all the time. Current and former law enforcement as well as others. So to answer you, yes some do, only because they already do for their personal reasons.”

“I’m a retired Navy Chief and currently leading GracePoint church. I’ve seen trained armed watch-standers lose their cookies when confronted by a stoned out individual. Unless a person’s muscle memory supports quickly drawing on a target and firing true, a weapon is useless.”

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“Yes. I also know of others with concealed carry and I am a believer in this. Guns don’t kill. People do. Look in Genesis. #Cain”

“Yes and yes. Posted at each entry and kids check in. Bad things never happen until they do and we have a trained and armed team ready.”

“We hire law enforcement officers. No church congregation team though some of those police officers now attend church with their families when not on rotation.”

“No because any person who carries a gun in public is complicit in the American disease of gun crime, and no church should be a welcome place for guns—and the inevitable replies to this will prove my belief that the American love of guns is a cursed idolatry.”

“I live in the Bible belt. Every church security team I personally know of is packing. And, most of the pastors as well.”

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“We have no officially armed security, but at any given time, I’m confident there are several congregants present who are legally carrying. A good amount of my pastor friends carry regularly, some in the pulpit.”