Home Christian News Tim Keller Answers Questions on Theology, Abortion, Ministry Hurt, Health, and More

Tim Keller Answers Questions on Theology, Abortion, Ministry Hurt, Health, and More

What is one of your favorite shows you have seen on broadway?

TK: Les Mis is the best thing I’ve ever seen on Broadway in the 80s when it first came out.

Do you have a favorite superhero movie? I ask partly because I think society’s fascination with superheroes points to a longing for Christ: We have a deep desire for a good guy with supernatural powers to save us.

TK: My wife and I have always loved Superman. We also liked the first recent Wonder Woman movie.

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Do you listen to any other preachers when preparing sermons? If so, who?

TK: Yes. I used to listen to Dick Lucas and Martyn Lloyd-Jones in the 1990s.

I’m getting married soon, was wondering your thoughts on writing our own, biblically based vows. Do you think it’s better to stick to something more traditional like the BCP marriage ceremony, or something the church provides? General thoughts on this?

TK: Nothing wrong with writing your vows, but I generally encourage people to use the traditional ones.

Should evangelicals in the West rethink current readings of the ‘cultural mandate’? How? Thank you for doing this! Best to you!

TK: You should always be rethinking the cultural mandate because the culture changes. Right now, we have some people who don’t believe there is a cultural mandate at all, while other people are triumphalistically using it as a warrant for a kind of theocracy. Both are wrong.

Which is your favorite Narnia book and why?

TK: The Lion, Witch, W.–because it was the door into that world.

If you were to plant a church in a European city (say Vienna), would you try to reach your neighborhood or reach the city? ie. best long-term strategy ps. I know you can do both, but what would be the focus?

TK: You should always start on your neighborhood at first.

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As a pastor, how many books did you read every year? What was your book reading habit/routine?

TK: I try to read ~a book a week. I read an hour every night with my wife, and I read a lot on the weekends to get that done.

Which of your books was the most difficult to author? If you have one, which one of your books is your favorite?

TK: The Walking with God through Pain and Suffering was the hardest to write.