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SNL Alum Jim Breuer Cherishes Life’s ‘Beauty’ Despite Wife’s Cancer: ‘I’ll Never Be Mad at God’

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Screenshot from YouTube / @Jim Breuer's Breuniverse

On a new episode of “The Brueniverse Podcast,” former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Jim Breuer revealed how his wife’s terminal-cancer diagnosis has affected his views of God and life. The stand-up comedian, who also appeared in the movie “Half Baked,” uncharacteristically shares something “heavy” with listeners in his July 8 recording.

Introducing the topic by saying, “Everyone needs what I’m about to put out there,” Breuer recounts how his wife, Dee, was told her cancer was “everywhere” and she had only a few months to live. “Your life as you know it changes like that,” says Breuer, 55. “Your whole life flashes.”

Jim Breuer Feels Blessed, Not Mad

Breuer, who has used his “wife finding the Lord” in comedy routines, describes a conversation with a friend after Dee’s diagnosis. “I know you’re spiritual and you believe in God, and your wife is deep into the word of Jesus, and born-again, she found her faith many years ago,” the friend said. “How does that affect that now? Are you mad? Are you mad at God? Does that screw up your faith?”

In response, Breuer said, “To be dead honest with you, not at all. If anything, I’m not mad at what I will not have. I’m not mad of what’s being taken away. I’m not mad about what I’m not gonna have anymore, but I am so d— blessed for what I had, and what I still have.”

Breuer has been blessed with 29 years of marriage and three children. “Do you know how many people never had the relationship I did and still have?” he asks. “Do you know how many incredible, lifesaving, emotional, deep-saving moments I’ve had with my wife Dee?” The health trials have helped Breuer see those blessings “even deeper now,” he says.

When difficulties strike, “You can either turn your back and be mad or you can look at it as, ‘Wow! I didn’t realize how beautiful life is and was when it’s right in front of you,” says an emotional Breuer. “Start looking at the beauty right in front of you with yourself.”

The comedian continues, “I’ll never be mad at God. I cannot believe the beauty that surrounds me, I can’t believe the beauty that is given to me.” Breuer also reveals that Dee has lived five years since that grim diagnosis.

‘Spread Light’ to Others, Urges Jim Breuer

Breuer shares that he was able to hold his father when he died. “Do you know what a blessing that is?” he asks. “I pray to God that everybody gets that opportunity. If you get the opportunity to hold someone to the end, do it.”