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Tim Tebow Has Raised Over $1 Million for Charity by Auctioning Off His Heisman Trophy

When asked which sport has more trash talking, Tebow said, “Football, no doubt, no doubt.” One example he gave was, “It’s Sunday, you better say some new prayers today.” The former quarterback said that he sometimes praised people for their trash talk when it was clever. Complimenting people for their criticism occasionally disarmed them, and sometimes the athletes would even respond, “Oh, thanks,” and then explain how they came up with their burn. 

“Where is your Heisman Trophy right now?” asked Patrick.

“It just left it at [country singer] Luke Bryan’s house,” Tebow responded. He shared that for the past eight or nine years, “every year or every six months, I’ve used it to auction off for a charity for people to keep in their homes and use it as something that they can, I don’t know, brag about.”

Tebow said that Bryan, who is “such a Georgia fan” has been pranking him by putting a Georgia jersey on the trophy or by putting peanut butter on it and letting his dog lick it off. In response, Tebow conspired with Bryan’s wife, Caroline, to get hold of one of Bryan’s Country Music Award trophies. Tebow sends the singer videos of himself drinking sparkling water out of the trophy or using it to jack up his car. “I think the CMAs got kind of upset with it,” said Tebow, although he clarified he “didn’t actually hurt” Bryan’s award. 

Patrick mentioned that he had former NFL quarterback Carson Palmer, also a Heisman Trophy winner, on his show and asked Palmer where his Heisman Trophy was. Palmer said it was in his garage. 

“Why have it in your garage when it can be in someone else’s living room?” asked Tebow. He said that he originally got the idea to auction off his trophy when attending a gala in Greenwich, Connecticut, for soldiers who had lost their lives in battle. “[Alabama’s head football coach] Nick Saban has an auction up there,” he said, “and you know what, I hate losing to Coach Saban in Alabama. It only happened once, and it was one of the worst days of my life.”

He continued, “So I’m thinking, you know what? I want to help, but I also have got to beat Coach Saban.” Tebow wondered what all the wealthy people at the gala could possibly want that they did not already have and concluded that they would enjoy winning a Heisman Trophy. He asked the host if he could auction off the trophy for a year. The host agreed, and “Kathie Lee Gifford won it.”