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Sean Feucht Calls Out Lecrae for Supporting Pro-Abortion Politicians After Lecrae Claims To Be ‘Kingdom,’ Not Partisan

Lecrae Sean Feucht
(L) Screengrab via Instagram @seanfeucht (R) Photo courtesy of Sean Feucht.

Grammy award-winning Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae told his followers on Twitter last Thursday (Sept. 29), “I’m not progressive. I’m not liberal. I’m not conservative. I’m Kingdom,” making it clear where he stands when it comes to the topic of politics.

In response, political activist and “Let Us Worship” leader Sean Feucht posted an image of Lecrae with his arm around lawyer and pro-abortion politician, Stacey Abrams (D), with the caption, “Really????”

Photo courtesy of Sean Feucht

Feucht continued, “What’s confusing to believers is that you’ve even campaigned with extreme progressive pro-abortion candidates ([Raphael] Warnock (D)/[Jon] Ossoff (D)) and then claim to be apolitical.”

Feucht was referring to a “vote early” rally in Georgia, which was held ahead of Georgia’s Senate runoff elections in 2020. Lecrae shared on Phil Vischer’s “Holy Post” podcast that he was under the impression that the event would be bipartisan—a mistake in information he wasn’t aware of until after his performance.

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Lecrae told those at the 2020 rally to support Warnock and Ossoff, saying, “We all have a very unique opportunity to continue making a difference in this city [and] continue making a difference in this country. And that’s exercising our right to vote. So I want to continue to promote that this is a reality of freedom that we get to cherish, especially here in the state of Georgia, in the city of Atlanta—in a city of many great historic figures who laid their lives down for us to take [our] right, take ownership of this opportunity.”

Lecrae continued, “So in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King and in the spirit of Andrew Young, I want to continue to remind us that we’re free. We are free now to vote. So let’s get out there and make sure we do that.”

The rapper then performed the song “Set Me Free” from his album “Restoration,” singing to the small crowd, “You can pick a side if you wanna; you already know who I roll with. You don’t want no problems with me. Get these shackles off of my feet.”

Both Warnock and Ossoff went on to win their campaigns, Ossoff defeating David Perdue (R) and Warnock defeating Kelly Loeffler (R) to become United State Senators.

Feucht told Lecrae, “I would honestly love to know/understand why [you] (along with probably many others)” supported the two politicians. Feucht then asked Lecrae if he’d be open to a dialogue.

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Lecrae responded to Feucht, explaining that the image of him and Abrams was taken four years ago, adding, “I’d hate to think people aren’t allowed to change their views. One thing I can say for myself, I live by my views. They may change but when I believe it I’m all in.”