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‘I’m More Grateful Than I’ve Ever Been,’ Says Lysa TerKeurst About Life After Divorce

Lysa TerKeurst
Screengrab via Instagram @lysaterkeurst

Lysa TerKeurst, the founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries who announced nearly a year ago that she was ending her marriage of 29 years in light of her husband’s marital unfaithfulness, said in a viral Instagram post on Tuesday (Dec. 13) that she is “more grateful than I’ve ever been.”

“Two years of healing. Two years of focusing on my own health. Two years of learning how to sit in the quiet with myself and be okay. Two years of believing God for goodness even when things felt not good at all. Two years of learning to go home to an empty house and counting the blessings that are still abundant. Two years… and I’m good,” TerKeurst shared. “Better than good. I’m honestly surprised by how far I’ve come and how honest my laughter is now. My life looks different but it is full and joyful and I’m more grateful than I’ve ever been. ❤️”

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In the post announcing her divorce, which came on New Year’s Day of this year, TerKeurst  expressed that she had fought “really hard” to save her marriage and “survive the devastation of what consistent deception of one spouse does to the other.”

TerKeurst described her experience as “brutal and heart crushing to constantly fear the hurtful choices of someone you love.” She went on to say that she had to learn the hard way that there is a “big difference between mistakes (which we all make) and chosen patterns of behavior that dishonor God and the biblical covenant of marriage.”

A few years after announcing that God had restored their marriage, the Christian author made the difficult decision to “accept reality.”

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This spring, court records from their divorce proceedings revealed that her husband, Art, allegedly spent over $188,000 of the couple’s money on another woman he met on SugarDaddy.com.

“There is a great big world out there,” TerKeurst wrote in August. “New joys I don’t want to miss… My journey has shifted from grieving to proving to myself that I can still love my life and be brave enough to stand alone in some pictures without feeling like something is missing.”

“What threatened to break me only served to make me more determined. I will live this life God entrusted to me with integrity and gratitude and wonder,” TerKeurst said.