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Kirk Cameron Threatens Legal Action; Libraries Deny They Withheld Access

Kirk Cameron
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Actor and evangelist Kirk Cameron is set to read his new children’s book at two libraries that previously denied his request to be featured at story hour programs. 

The apparent reversal came after Cameron and his publisher, Brave Books, expressed that they were “prepared to assert” their “constitutional rights in court.” Nevertheless, the libraries maintain that they never denied Cameron’s request to book a room at their facilities. Rather, they declined to promote the book or host a library-sponsored event. 

Cameron, who became a breakout star for his role on the sitcom “Growing Pains,” has become an influential Christian activist, starring in numerous Christian films and often speaking candidly about hot button cultural issues. 

Cameron describes his new book, titled “As You Grow,” as being about “biblical wisdom and teaching children how to grow the fruit of the Spirit.”

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“You would think that public libraries would be thrilled for a book that would teach these virtues to children,” Cameron told Faithwire. “And we were denied by over 50 woke libraries that have hosted ‘Drag Queen Story Hours.’”

The point of contention has apparently been Cameron’s stance on issues of gender and sexuality, which he has often been vocal about, and which “do not align” with the values of the libraries that denied his request to be hosted for an official library children’s story hour.

An unnamed employee of the Indianapolis Public Library had reportedly told Cameron and Brave Books that the library was looking to feature authors who are “diverse,” especially “authors of color.” Cameron and his team see this as unlawful discrimination, arguing that libraries are “likely breaking the law and violating the Constitution” by not promoting his book. 

In an open letter to the Indianapolis Library, Cameron said, “You may understand why it surprised me to learn that the Indianapolis Public Library—committed to inclusivity as it appears to be—elected to exclude me based upon my skin color and the religious beliefs espoused in my new book.” 

“So many of our communities, perhaps like yours, are facing rates of crime, abortion, and murder well above the national average. I believe the children in your community would benefit from hearing a message teaching Biblical wisdom as I explain in my new book,” Cameron wrote.

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Following the controversy and Cameron’s public threats of legal action, Cameron will hold an event to read his book at the Indianapolis Public Library in Indiana on Thursday, Dec. 29, and at the Scarsdale Public Library in New York the following day on Friday, Dec. 30.