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Gym Evangelist Disrupts Exercisers by Urging Them To Accept Jesus

ryan foley
Screenshots from Twitter / @davenewworld_2

Ryan Foley, a Christian influencer who often preaches in public places, went viral last week for shouting his message in a gym. While people lift weights and work out, Foley urges them to “repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.”

Since a Twitter user posted video of Foley preaching on December 29, it’s been viewed almost 4 million times. It’s captioned: “A Christian ‘influencer’ causes a scene at the gym to force his religion on people.” The location of the gym isn’t disclosed.

Reaction to the clip is mixed, with some people praising Foley’s witness for Christ and others questioning his methods.

Ryan Foley: ‘I’m Just Preaching the Word of God’

In the clip, Ryan Foley shouts and points at the gym clientele, asking, “Will you all deny Christ on this day? Are you under the father of deception, which flies in this city, or under the Father of God? On the day of judgment, will you inherit the kingdom of heaven? Or are you living in sin? Sin will drag you to hell. Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.”

Most people seem to ignore Foley’s preaching, though one person requests help from security. “Turn to God today,” Foley continues. “You laugh, you mock, but God said in the last days many will laugh and mock. They don’t want to hear the Word of God.”

Shortly after asking, “Does anyone want to make a stand for Jesus today?” Foley notes that no hands were raised. “You are all cowards,” he then says.

When confronted, apparently by security, Foley says, “I’m just preaching the Word of God… They all have ears to hear.” He also asks, “Who just touched my phone and deleted the video of me talking about Christ? Why does it upset you so much?”

Mixed Reactions to Gym Sermon

On social media, several people credit Foley for publicly sharing his faith. One posts the words of Jesus’ Great Commission, while another writes, “Well done Ryan. God is on your side. May [the] Holy Spirit continue to guide you.”

Other comments aren’t favorable, with people calling Foley’s actions extreme and disrespectful. One writes, “It is a marvel that these folk think spending an eternity around people like them is anything anyone would actually want.”

Another notes, “Nothing at all wrong with being Christian… this isn’t being a Christian. Him quietly helping a person at the gym is what Christ wants, not proselytizing.”

Other people are okay with Foley’s message but not necessarily the situation and location. “I don’t really hate this,” someone comments. “I think he shouldn’t have done it there though. You’re supposed to spread the word, but read the room lol.”