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Amy Grant Reveals Bike Accident Nearly Took Her Life—‘It Was Good for Me’

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Screenshot from YouTube / @TODAY

Christian music icon Amy Grant revealed this week that her bike accident last summer nearly took her life. In an exclusive interview on the ‘TODAY’ show, Grant made the remarkable statement that the accident, as well as other recent health challenges she has faced, has actually benefited her.

“It was good for me,” Grant said of her bike accident. “It forced a kind of simplification of my life I’ve never known.”

Amy Grant Shares New Details About Bike Accident

On July 27, Amy Grant was hospitalized following an accident that occurred while she was biking with a friend in Nashville, Tennessee. Grant, who was wearing a helmet, hit a pothole and fell unconscious for 10 minutes. She had suffered a traumatic brain injury, and doctors said her helmet saved her life.

Grant recovered at home after a brief stay in the hospital and had to postpone concerts she had scheduled in August. She told ‘TODAY’ journalist Craig Melvin that she remembers nothing about the accident and was initially unable to remember family members’ names or even her own song lyrics—not even the lyrics to her hit single, “Baby, Baby,” or “Tennessee Christmas,” which Grant sings every year. 

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Grant returned to touring during the Christmas season and had to use a teleprompter for all 22 shows on her Christmas tour. The first night she was back performing was nerve-wracking. Grant says that before the show started, she thought to herself, “I am so scared, I’m so scared.” The other artists working with her, however, encouraged and supported her. 

It could take Grant 18 months to completely recover from the cognitive problems caused by her accident. 

Amy Grant says the bike accident is only one of several major health challenges she has faced over the past few years. She had heart surgery in 2020, and in January she had throat surgery to remove a cyst. 

Grant told Melvin that a vocalist she was working with noticed that something was wrong with her throat. Grant had already noticed a problem herself. “It’s like I’ve got an Adam’s apple,” she said to the vocalist. “It keeps getting bigger.” 

It turned out that what felt like an Adam’s apple was actually a thyroglossal duct cyst, which the Columbia University Irving Medical Center Department of Otolaryngology defines as “a neck mass or lump that develops from cells and tissues remaining after the formation of the thyroid gland during embryonic development.”