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Maverick City Music’s Former Member, Dante Bowe, Receives Criticism for Wearing Questionable Shirt on Instagram

Dante Bowe
Screengrab via Instagram @dantebowe

Former Maverick City Music singer Dante Bowe is receiving criticism for posting a picture of himself wearing a shirt that depicts the bare chest of a man, including part of his groin.

The image was taken at an event sponsored by Vogue Magazine. Bowe’s Instagram post has been liked nearly 18,000 times and has over 760 comments, many of which are questioning Bowe’s choice of attire.

“Not the shirt brother,” one comment read. Another person wrote, “The Bible says, Be not conformed to this world…You are supposed to be a representation of Jesus, but when you are standing with unbelievers and you can’t tell who’s who, that’s not a good thing. ❤️🙏🏻 Praying for you.”

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Some fans came to Bowe’s defense, including Sabrina Harrison, co-owner of TRUE Music, the record label to which Bowe is signed, and co-founder of Amen Church.

“People be freaking out over literally nothing. Y’all!!! We are better than this,” Harrison wrote. “@dantebowe is walking in authority and anointing. He shares the love and power of Jesus with people in rooms of massive influence, then they come only to find this spectacle.”

Harrison, who is married to Amen Church founder Field Harrison, told those criticizing Bowe’s shirt, “I know you mean well—I know you love Jesus with your whole heart and soul but please hear me…You’re hurting more than your [sic] helping. WWJD?!”

The comment continued,

Let God be God!!! Activate faith, trust Him and believe He is using Dante to draw people close to Him. I can assure you of this…He knows without a shadow of a doubt, that apart from Him, He can do nothing!! Miracles are in progress. We cant [sic] be scaring people away. Theology that doesn’t produce a life of love is bad theology. I wish y’all could see what I see in these rooms! We’re obsessed with Jesus. Nothing can change that. May God continue to increase His strength and faith as Dante does what only God can do through Him. I love y’all—even if you’re not nice.

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Harrison concluded her comment by telling Bowe, “God knew only YOU could handle this. 😆”

While replying to one of Bowe’s Instagram followers, Harrison said, “I may not wear it to preach, BUT I surely would NOT criticize someone else wearing it…Jesus wouldn’t, so why would I?”