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Deion Sanders’ Girlfriend Expresses Gratitude for God’s ‘Healing Power’

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After University of Colorado (CU) football coach Deion Sanders had emergency surgery on June 23 for blood clots in his legs, his longtime girlfriend thanked God for a “successful” procedure. Tracey Edmonds, who’s been with Sanders for more than a decade, provided social media updates about Coach Prime.

“We are so grateful for the healing power of God and for all of our prayer warriors,” Edmonds posted on June 24. “It was a long, but successful day!” On Sunday, she wrote, “Thank you Lord for strengthening #CoachPrime @deionsanders so that he could leave the hospital today and be home tonight to rest and recover in his own bed!”


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Deion Sanders: Clots Were Impeding Blood Flow

On June 22, news broke that Deion Sanders, a former two-sport pro athlete, had two clots in his thighs that were impeding circulation to his remaining toes. (While coaching at Jackson State, Coach Prime needed to have two toes amputated. To navigate the sidelines, he often used a scooter.)

Doctors found the latest blood clots during a routine checkup, Sanders wrote on Instagram. He told social-media followers he would “appreciate your prayers” for the upcoming procedure to clear the clots.

The emergency surgery came just days after a medical team warned Sanders that a foot amputation might be in his future. During a videotaped consultation with vascular surgeons, Coach Prime seemed eager to get any procedures out of the way before the busy fall coaching season. But since then, he has clarified there is “no talk” of an immediate amputation; instead, that move is a possibility only if “worse comes to worse,” he said.

‘I Choose to Trust God Every Day,’ Says Coach Prime

Last week, Sanders, 55, posted on Instagram: “I choose to trust God every day of the week that ends in Y. I’m not keeping count but Man, Woman & Child has let me down in the past but God hadn’t. I’ve been wrong but God still treated me right. When many of my enemies tried to kill me God was there to protect & build me. God has never forsaken me or Mistaken me therefore I will never deny him or cease to love him endlessly.”

Today (June 27), Sanders posted: “We got to pray to have a consistent relationship with God. How can i ask for something from somebody that i don’t know? Pray not to receive but pray to establish a relationship with God.”