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Kirk Cameron Claims Religious Discrimination, Calls for Investigation of American Library Association

Kirk Cameron
Screengrab via YouTube / @ Megyn Kelly

The battle between actor and author Kirk Cameron and public libraries continues to rage, as Cameron is calling for an investigation into the American Library Association (ALA) for alleged religious discrimination.

Cameron has further suggested that the ALA is part of “an evil plot to somehow deconstruct and disorganize our social fabric” in favor of reorganizing American society around Marxism.

The dispute surrounds Cameron’s “See You at the Library” event, which is set to take place at libraries across the nation on Aug. 5. The event, which Cameron is promoting in partnership with his publisher, Brave Books, is meant to advance the mission of turning “our nation back to God” by activating community members “to gather at our local public libraries to pray, sing, and read Brave Books and other books of virtue.”

“Imagine thousands of local public libraries filled by you, your friends, your pastors, your teachers and your local representatives on this date,” promotional material for the event reads.

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“Your kids are being force-fed this trans agenda and so much corruption and immorality in their schools and in their libraries,” Cameron told FOX Business. “Why don’t you let parents bring their kids up for air and talk to them about faith, hope, and love, and read them some books at the library?”

The idea for the event developed in the course of Cameron’s children’s book tour, during which Cameron has locked horns with library officials at several locations throughout the nation for what he claims is religious discrimination. This includes the claim that Cameron and Brave Books were denied access to library spaces to host story hour events for Cameron’s books, and that library staff exhibited unprofessional behavior during at least one event. 

Now, Cameron is claiming that the ALA, which is the oldest and largest library association in the world, is instructing libraries to block community members from organizing local expressions of the nationwide “See You at the Library” event. 

“It’s religious discrimination, and they’re putting local libraries in legal jeopardy by encouraging them to do this,” Cameron claimed. 

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According to The Christian Post, First Liberty Institute, a nonprofit Christian conservative legal organization, has sent a letter on behalf of Cameron and Brave Books to the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services in Washington, D.C., asking the federal agency to “open an investigation into whether the American Library Association has violated federal law protecting religious liberty and failed to comply with the assurances of nondiscrimination required as a federal grant recipient.”