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Drag Queen ‘Flamy Grant,’ a Former Worship Leader, Tops Christian Charts

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On July 28, the drag performer known as “Flamy Grant” celebrated reaching the top of the iTunes Christian albums chart with the debut album, “Bible Belt Baby.” Flamy Grant, aka Matthew Blake, tweeted, “I’m a puddle,” with a crying face emoji.

The musician’s song, “Good Day,” also briefly topped the iTunes Christian singles chart. Among all genres, that single has broken into the top #100.

Derek Webb, formerly with Christian band Caedmon’s Call, congratulated his friend. “Today, for the very first time, a drag queen has both the #1 single AND #1 album on the itunes christian charts,” tweeted Webb, who deconstructed from the faith. “Of all the accomplishments in my career, being part of this is probably the thing i’m the most proud of. my dear friend @FlamyGrant deserves every bit of this.”

On Webb’s new album “The Jesus Hypothesis,” he and Flamy Grant collaborate on the single “Boys Will Be Girls.”

Drag Queen’s Evangelical Upbringing Led to ‘Spiritual Trauma’

Flamy Grant describes “Bible Belt Baby” as “the world’s first contemporary Christian music record by a drag performer. With influences from gospel and blues to folk and rock, this Americana showcase shines a spotlight on queerness, faith, and overcoming the spiritual trauma so often endured by LGBTQ+ people and others who grow up in conservative religious spaces.”

Blake, who “grew up super evangelical, fundamental in the Bile Belt,” served as a worship leader for 22 years, “the last decade in more progressive churches.” In a recent interview, Blake described being interested in dressing up in women’s clothing since childhood. But that urge “got pushed out of me,” the artist said. “I realized that if I’m going to belong in that [Christian] community, I’d have to suppress it.”

After dressing in drag for Halloween 2019, Blake spent the pandemic watching makeup tutorials. When Blake’s pastor asked the worship leader to give an online sermon in drag, Blake made a Tik Tok video as Flamy Grant, and it went viral. “That’s when I realized, from all the comments…that my drag wasn’t just for me, but for people who felt trapped like I did.”

Of Blake’s faith journey, the musician said, “I have a lot of personal spiritual practices, but it’s really hard to identify with the Christian church in America right now.” As Flamy Grant, Blake wants to provide safe spaces for the next generation. “They’ll call it indoctrination on the right, but I just want those kids to see options available to them. To see that they’re not alone.”

As Flamy Grant, the San Diego-based Blake performs a cabaret show titled “Godless Sheathen.” In the video for the single, “What Did You Drag Me Into?,” a drag show breaks out in the middle of a church service.

‘Flamy Grant’ Thanks Sean Feucht for the Publicity

On July 26, Christian worship leader and former congressional candidate Sean Feucht tweeted: “If you’re wondering the end goal of the deconstruction movement in the church, then look no further than former worship leader @derekwebb’s new collab with a drag queen. These are truly the last days.”

In response, Flamy Grant tweeted, “End goal? Baby, we’re just getting started.”