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‘Reacher’ Star Defends Christianity Against Satanist Who Claims ‘Your God Is Evil’

Alan Ritchson
Screenshots from YouTube / @InstaChurch

“Reacher” star Alan Ritchson has made a video responding to TikTok user Jessie Jarma, who criticized Christians for believing that God answers prayers. Ritchson addressed Jarma’s claim that God answering prayer would be interfering with free will, as well as her view that “God is evil” for not answering the prayers of children who are suffering.

“There’s a video making its rounds where a girl on TikTok confidently eviscerates a Christian for believing in prayer,” said Ritchson, “and ultimately concludes that God is evil.” He then played Jarma’s TikTok video, which starts with a clip of a woman saying that God answered her prayer. [Editor’s note: This video contains language some may find offensive.]

Alan Ritchson Tackles the Problem of Evil

Jarma, who is a Satanist, starts her rebuttal by burping in response to the woman’s claim. “I live in the Bible belt, and I see people talk like this all day long on the internet,” Jarma said. “For one, God cannot answer prayers because that would be interfering with free will.”

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However, even if God does answer prayer, Jarma believes that would still be a problem. “When you spout on the internet or in front of people that a God has answered your prayers, do you know what you’re really saying?” she asked. People who believe that God has specifically blessed them are saying that he is “picking and choosing who to bless.” That means he is choosing not to bless others, such as people experiencing significant suffering.

“Do you know how many children are praying not to get raped?” Jarma asked, also noting that many children go hungry. “But your God blessed little ol’ you. Honey, your God is evil. Evil.” 

Alan Ritchson, an actor whose credits include “Fast X” and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” said that Jarma’s video has been widely shared, but that he has noticed in the comments people are not questioning Jarma’s point that God is interfering with free will when answering prayer. “But that’s not only theologically unsound,” said Ritchson, “it’s…the point.”

“The point of prayer is to build a relationship with this all-powerful, all-knowing deity who desires to interfere with our lives,” Ritchson continued. “I pray all the time that God interfere with my life in a way that aligns the path that I walk with his will.”

The actor explained that God is not treating him like a puppet, forcing him to live a certain way, but rather wants to bless people by helping them follow him. Ritchson quoted Jeremiah 33:3, which says, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”