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Secular Rapper Hopsin Enraged After Realizing Satanic Image Was Displayed During Concert

Hopsin Colorado Springs concert (Aug. 26) screenshot via YouTube / WiscoMadman

Secular rapper Hopsin, whose birth name is Marcus Jamal Hopson and who has collaborated with Dove Award-winning rapper NF, recently made it clear that he did not approve the satanic imaginary displayed during his concert in Colorado Springs on Aug. 26, nor was he even aware it was on the screen.

Although Hopsin doesn’t profess to be a Christian, he is open about his faith struggles and has shared that Christian rapper Lecrae reached out and spoke to him about God when Hopsin talked about “being lost” on social media.

In fact, before Hopsin’s song “Ill Mind of Hopsin 7,” during which a satanic image of an upside down cross was displayed, the rapper told the audience that he wanted to express some his views on life, God, and everything.

Hopsin said that it wasn’t until his friend questioned him about the “antichrist image” at his Colorado show that he actually became aware it had been projected behind him.

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Disbelieving that such a thing would happen without his consent, Hopsin reached out to the people he had worked with and soon confirmed the reports.

“I trusted that they would know what I don’t represent,” Hopsin told his Instagram followers. “And to know that this was projected behind me while I’m rapping, and I’m performing songs like ‘Ill Mind of Hopsin 7,’”—a song where Hopsin talks about his faith struggles, the Bible, and religion—”and it has an antichrist logo behind me.”

Hopsin said, “That’s not the f***ing vibe, man. That’s not what the f**k I’m on. That’s some satanic s**t that I don’t f**k with.”

Hopsin expressed frustration that concertgoers could have gotten the impression that the song is about Satan, which isn’t accurate.

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“I take full accountability,” Hopsin said. “I genuinely apologize if any of that makes you uncomfortable because it would have made me uncomfortable. It really would have. It makes me uncomfortable just knowing that it existed.”

Hopsin said that the satanic imaginary behind him now makes him looks like “one those industry plants that do some satanic ritual [stuff],” and although he mentioned he isn’t quite sure Satan is real, he wanted to make very clear he doesn’t “mess with” satanic stuff. “Never have, never will!”