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UPDATE: Liberty University Faces $37.4 Million Fine From US Department of Education, According to LU President

Liberty President Dondi Costin said, “Liberty University remains fully committed to ensuring compliance in this area is met and maintained and understands the purpose of this review process is ultimately in the greater interest of our students, faculty, and staff. More than that, we recognize the original purpose of the Clery Act is for the health, safety, and overall well-being of our entire University community as we remain steadfast in our mission of Training Champions for Christ.”

The school pointed to recent steps, such as forming an Office of Equity and Compliance, making “major capital investments in security assets and equipment,” and providing prevention, awareness trainings, and online resources for the campus community.

The U.S. Education Department said it does not comment on “pending institutional oversight activities, program reviews, or investigations.”

Other Responses to the Preliminary Findings

Save71, a group of alumni, students, and faculty calling for new leadership at Liberty, posted on social media that the leaked report possibly came “inadvertently” from Liberty’s board, which “has been leaking a lot recently.” It added, “This is way more significant than all the news about Jerry Falwell Jr—it shows Liberty consistently failing to follow basic laws about keeping its students safe, including failing to report crimes in order to artificially lower its crime statistics.”

Boz Tchividjian, an advocate for victims of sexual abuse in faith-based settings, reposted The Washington Post article about the allegations against Liberty and wrote, “This will be labeled as a liberal attack against Christians.”