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Greg Laurie’s New Film Shows Why Faith Matters More Than ‘Fame’

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L: Image courtesy of Greg Laurie R: © Markus Felix | PushingPixels (contact me), CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In an upcoming film from Harvest Christian Fellowship, Pastor Greg Laurie explores the desire for worldly fame and the price people pay for it. In “Fame,” which premieres later this month, Laurie looks at the lives and Christian testimonies of rock star Alice Cooper, baseball player Darryl Strawberry, actor Steve McQueen, and country singer Johnny Cash.

The film, a companion to a book titled “Fame: Fortunes, Failure and Faith,” can be purchased for $8.99 on the Harvest website. “Everyone wants to be rich and famous, but at what cost?” reads the movie’s description. “Pastor Greg Laurie outlines the many tragedies that have resulted from the pursuit of fame, fame for money, fame for glory, fame for relevance, but something was always missing. That thing that was missing wasn’t something at all. It was someone. GOD.”

Other Harvest Films include “A Rush of Hope,” “Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon,” and “Steve McQueen: American Icon.” Laurie’s life story is featured in the spring 2023 movie “Jesus Revolution,” now available on Netflix.

Greg Laurie’s ‘Fame’ Explores the ‘Emptiness’ of Worldly Pursuits

In an October 6 social media post announcing the release of “Fame,” Pastor Laurie referred to a poll of young people about their goals and desires. Being rich and famous was the top answer. “This new film shows the emptiness of pursuing [notoriety] and forgetting about God in the process,” Laurie wrote.

His post includes a sneak peek from the film in which he interviews rock icon Alice Cooper. The 75-year-old shock rocker, now an outspoken Christian, was recently dropped by a makeup-brand sponsor because of his stance on transgender children.

In the clip from “Fame,” Cooper said he grew up attending church three times per week, including all day on Sundays. But then he veered “as far away as you could get” from that God-honoring lifestyle, eventually getting addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Cooper said people will always try to fill the hole inside them with something, whether that’s drugs, fancy cars, houses, wives, or fame. “You’re never going to achieve it,” he said. “There comes that point in your life where you go, ‘What is this about? Is this really it? ’Cause it can’t be.’ And I think that’s when you start hearing the Lord knocking.”

Greg Laurie Highlights Life Change in ‘Fame’

Also featured are interview clips with former MLB great Darryl Strawberry, who rebounded from drug addiction and other struggles and is now a pastor. “Fame” also tells the stories of actor Steve McQueen and country singer Johnny Cash, both now deceased. Laurie has described being fascinated with their backgrounds, challenges, and journeys to faith.