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Christian Hip Hop Artist Lecrae Is Ready To ‘Tell It All’ in His New Podcast

Screenshot from YouTube / @LecraeOfficial

Grammy Award-winning Christian hip hop artist Lecrae has released the first episode of his new podcast, “Deep End With Lecrae.” In the premiere episode, the artist takes time to explain the purpose behind his podcast and to share some of his struggles, including the darkness present in his life when he lived for the approval of other people. 

“I found myself driving an S-Class Mercedes, living in a million-dollar home, with all these awards and plaques, more depressed than I’ve ever been in my life,” said Lecrae, “more broken than I’ve ever been in my life. And that dispelled the myth that money and success equals happiness.”

Now, Lecrae says, “This chapter in my life is freedom.” He has experienced a great deal of healing, and even though he still walks “with a limp,” this season feels like “peacemaking and contentment.” And he wants to help others find that freedom for themselves.

Lecrae: ‘I’m Going To Tell It All’

Lecrae has won numerous awards, including two Grammy Awards and more than 10 Dove Awards, in a career that has spanned 20 years. The artist has spoken publicly about his experience deconstructing and reconstructing his faith, as well as the ways he was harmed by “America’s version of Christianity.”

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On Friday, Nov. 10, Lecrae was nominated for two new Grammy Awards. His record “Church Clothes 4” was nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album, and the song “Your Power,” a collaboration with Tasha Cobbs Leonard, was nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song.

The description of “Deep End With Lecrae” says that the hip hop artist “is going to dive into the hard things no one else will face and talk about what life looks like when you go off the deep end.”

“Life is hard and things are going to fall apart at some point or another—especially when you’ve experienced trauma in your life,” the description observes. “But the problem is that most Christians can’t be seen to have moments when they lose control or even struggle.”

“This show is not about perfect people or people who’ve never made mistakes,” the description concludes. “This show is for the rest of us who are just trying to pick up the pieces and find a way forward with vulnerability and honesty.”