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Attorney of Mike Bickle’s Alleged Victim Won’t Participate in Independent Investigation With IHOPKC’s Third Party Investigator

IHOPKC's spokesperson Eric Volz screengrab via X @ihopkc

On Monday, Dec. 11, a day after the International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOPKC) announced that a “new third party” firm had been selected to conduct the independent investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse against its founder Mike Bickle, the representing attorney for the alleged victim informed IHOPKC they would not be participating in the investigation.

IHOPKC spokesperson, Eric Volz, released a video update sharing that “unfortunately, a few hours ago, the attorney representing the main alleged victim, and who purportedly represents the advocate group, communicated that they are not willing to participate in the independent investigation.”

“This is the third time that IHOPKC has introduced a third party to investigate and this is the third time that the advocate group has rejected the investigation,” Volz added. “We sincerely appeal for them to reconsider. These investigators are professional. They are honest and they are bound by ethics.”

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In the video, Volz revealed the name of the third party conducting the investigation due to the lead investigator’s name being leaked on social media.

“Within just a few hours of the announcement of the new independent third party yesterday during Sunday church service, the name and phone number of the lead investigator was leaked by someone associated with the advocate group,” Volz said. To avoid any confusion, IHOPKC’s spokesperson confirmed that Rosalee McNamara of Lathrop GPM is the lead investigator and directed anyone who has any information pertaining to sexual misconduct performed by Bickle to contact her.

Volz described the attorney’s refusal to participate as “puzzling” and said that if the decision is due to alleged victims feeling unsafe with McNamara conducting the investigation “there are many ways for their attorney to ensure their safety. For example, they can start with the first simple step of providing sworn affidavits of the Jane Does.”