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Kentucky Teen Spreads God’s Word Through ‘Prayer Walls’ in the Bathrooms of Her High School

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Screenshot from Facebook / @Sophy Jones

A high school senior in Whitley County, Kentucky, is addressing mental health challenges and spreading God’s Word by means of sticky notes that she has put on the walls of the girls bathrooms in Whitley County High School. Inspired by a TikTok trend, Sophy Jones says she has faced her own mental health struggles and wants others to know God loves them.

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“Over the year my love for my Lord has saved me more and more. My message here is to spread his Word,” Jones said in a post on Facebook. “I’ve put up in every bathroom a prayer sink, wall, or mirror. Each spot people can write a Bible quote, message, or a prayer. I hope to spread this across more schools and I hope people understand just how much Jesus loves us!”

Whitley County High School Senior Creates Prayer Walls

Sophy Jones’ post shows several photos of Whitley County High School bathroom mirrors and a wall with various sticky notes with statements like “Jesus LOVES you!” and “Ephesians 2:10.” Laminated signs say “Prayer Wall, leave a Bible verse, spread his WORD!” or “Prayer Mirror, leave a verse, spread his WORD!” Included on the walls are First Priority Student Response Cards. 

First Priority of America is an organization that “exists to educate, train, and provide resources for Christian students to legally form clubs and share the gospel with unbelieving students on the public school campus.” The response cards invite students to leave their contact information so that they can learn more about Jesus or get connected with a youth group

Jones told WKYT News, “Our school, along with the middle school, has struggled with suicide. And a lot of people struggle with their mental health.” Students are encouraged to leave prayer requests and notes for others on the walls or to take existing notes with them. Jones’ friend, Evelyn Philpot, helped with the prayer walls.

Todd Lawson, an area director for First Priority, told WKYT, “We just done a big push on the suicide prevention on ‘STAY,’ you know, ‘stop,’ ‘talk to somebody,’ be ‘attentive’ and ‘you are important.’” He believes that Jones and Philpot were “Spirit-led” to create the prayer walls and is proud of their efforts.

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Jones’ mother, Shawna Hughes, told the Times-Tribune, “I’m so incredibly proud of her…She has chosen to spread faith.”